Do you have a person or thing in your life that encourages or pushes you when you get down on yourself? My person was my cousin Lucy. When I tell you I felt like she could keep my mom off my back, I wanted her to be around all the time. It wasn’t just her but her sister Vernice as well. Those were my mom’s riders and it was fun watching them together seemed like every weekend. One summer Lucy went on vacation to Georgia (or that’s how I remember it) and she didn’t come back, I was crushed. How was I going to make it without her, who was going to keep my mom off my back when she started tripping? Yeah those were my teenage thoughts but many of them were real. When I finally accepted this wasn’t just a vacation and Lucy wasn’t coming back to Michigan, it seemed like everything changed in my little adolescent life.

When I went away to the military my motivation became not to return back to my mother’s house. I was determined to prove I could make a life for myself without her. It sounds pretty harsh on paper but it is my truth. Mom and I didn’t have the best mother daughter relationship but as I’ve gotten older I now understand why. When I became a mother to my own children they became my new motivation. There have been some dark times in my life and both of those guys were my motivation to change things. The changes didn’t always come quick nor were they the best but my guys were the motivation I needed.

I tell my guys all the time I am their #1 cheerleader. I want to root them on at whatever they decide to do. I may not agree or understand what they are doing but I am always going to be in the background cheering them on. Talking crazy every step of the way, trying to understand why they make the decisions they make but still understanding it’s their decisions. I do hope as they were growing into young men they saw my motivation and determination to make sure they had what they needed and they will be a motivation to their children.

Who or what is your motivation? Do you have someone or something that gives you that extra push you need to get things done or make things happen? What if someone thinks of or looks to you as their motivation to get the job done for themselves. Are your presenting your best self to others or are you just a shell of yourself.

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9 responses to “Motivation!!”

  1. Great question! My motivation is that no one is coming for me. Now, of course, I have my family and friends who are supportive. Keeping this state of mind helps me to keep moving and depending on myself to get through many rough patches. Not everyone understands why I do the things I do and that is okay. I hope that I’m an example for someone on any given day. 👍

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  2. I have been trying to figure out who is my person for motivation. It used to be my mother full time but now I only have glimpses of her motivation when I talk to her. Sometimes I feel like I’m hanging in mid air. Thank Chi


  3. Hey Chi! I can comment. This is amazing!


  4. I love these but I would have to say my motivation, which is still being tweaked as I grow, now is the future of my son and where he’s able to start his journey for his kids. So he doesn’t have to start at ground zero.

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    1. As long as you have someone or something that is your motivation.


  5. My children really motivate and encourage me to become a better version of myself. When I’m slacking on my goals, oh they definitely let me know it. So sometimes I won’t even share with them what I’m doing because I know they are going to hold me to it. Now that really sounded silly. This writing stuff down puts things into perspective.

    I really enjoy reading your writings!

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    1. Thank you Shanna. Something in here says accountability 😁😁


      1. Lol…exactly!! I’ve even started going to accountability meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday 😳


  6. My person was my Aunt Liz she was the person who I could call when I needed someone to talk to, she was always there to listen and encourage. I am proud of the mom you are to your sons.

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