Empty Vessels

I know you’ve heard it before “you can’t pour from an empty vessel.” What does that mean, why not just fill the vessel so it won’t be empty? If life was this easy it wouldn’t be this hard. I know, I got you thinking right there didn’t I.

Pouring from your vessel into everyone; family, friends, coworkers, and even in this past year, strangers. Now here we are feeling empty, feeling as if you have given your all, why can’t people see you need to be poured back into. Yes, even the strongest one’s get weak sometime and need to be replenished.

Guess what I learned. I can’t expect Chi from everyone else. Other people aren’t equipped with what God has given specifically to me. Yet what he gave me to give, say, and do for others he expects me to hold on to some for myself. I didn’t see it that way until someone pointed it out to me. Some aren’t capable of giving what they have been given and that’s ok. I get it now and I must act accordingly. I won’t stop being me but I will pour a little more in my own cup before pouring it all into others.

I wish you all full and overflowing vessels.

Chi’s Pen

4 responses to “Empty Vessels”

  1. 💚💚💚💚

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  2. Your message came on time for something I was dealing with, I thank you because it was the answer I needed to stop letting a friend of mine drain my peace. Love you sweetheart.


    1. It took a minute to get the words flowing the way I needed them but they finally came to me just way I needed them.


  3. ❤❤❤


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