Consider it Done!!!

Sunday mornings message was “Consider It Done.’ If you’re anything like me you have been procrastinating with an idea, with a topic, with a thought, with anything. Oh not you, just me ok I get it. Well since it is only me let me tell you what I’ve been dealing with then you can reconsider later if you do the same thing.

I have all these ideas in my head and I write them down just as soon as they come to me. I have sticky notes pretty much everywhere. This is where all those journals come in handy, so I can grab one when I need it and get that thought out onto paper. Now the tricky part is putting the ideas to work. What stops me from moving on what I’ve written down. Nothing but me, I am pretty sure it’s that fear of not knowing what will happen on the other side of putting that idea into action.

“Consider it Done” says, if you don’t get yourself moving and stop sitting on what you have been given you better. I’m giving you these thoughts, I’m giving you these ideas. If I am giving them to you, why are you not believing I am going to show you how to get them done. Better yet I am going to do them with you, you just have to be consistent and do the work.

The familiar scripture everyone knows is Psalms 23:1, The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He is going to make sure we have everything we need and a little bit of what we want, you know we can get a little greedy at times. We just have to believe in the Promise of the Provision.

Provision was a word I had heard before but I really wasn’t familiar with, so straight to Google I went. Merriam-Webster gives the definition of provision as a verb; is to supply with needed materials. Well here we are again, in Philippians 4:19, But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. His word has already told us he is going to provide, so why are we afraid. Oh that’s right, we are afraid it just might work, we maybe successful. In this moment I encourage, no wait I challenge you, because I challenge myself to CONSIDER IT DONE!! Whatever you have asked for, prayed for, begged for, and cried for Consider it done. Now let’s get to work.

A special thank you to my Pastor Jimmy Simms for that word on yesterday, which helped me create this in today.

Chi’s Pen🖊

3 responses to “Consider it Done!!!”

  1. Yes and Amen!


  2. Yes Lord it is done, no more worry, no more doubt. Thank you sweetheart 💓


    1. Well said!! Thank you!


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