Sunday Sunset

It’s Sunday evening and some of us are already in back to work mode. Some are taking the time to enjoy this beautiful weather because we know it can change on us in a minute. We are 13 days into June and I haven’t submitted a blog for the month yet. Why not, that is what I ‘ve been asking myself? I’ve been journaling and posting in the FB group so why not here? I’m overthinking what I should write about. That is where I get into trouble each and every time. Stop thinking about it so hard and just write. It’s not like I don’t have anything I want to say, I am just making it harder on myself.

I heard these very words today, “when you think long, you think wrong.” That is exactly what can happen. You get so focused on trying to say the right words you lose the entire meaning on what you wanted to say. Stop thinking so hard and just do it, all the words you need will fall into place.

Chi’s Pen

2 responses to “Sunday Sunset”

  1. Thank you Chic‼️
    Just do it ✅

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  2. Amen to that, just like you are talking to someone just let your words flow.

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