Hey Dad

Today is Father’s Day 2021 and man do I miss you. You’ve been gone 10 years now and sometimes it doesn’t seem real. I think maybe a couple of years ago I finally changed the caller ID in my phone from your name. I would get excited sometime when I saw your name pop up on my screen but I knew it wasnt you, but no harm in wishing right?

Just when you and I were finally getting ourselves in a good place, you up and left me. I know, I know, it wasn’t your choice but I sure wish you could have stayed a little longer. I needed your daddy words of wisdom now that I wouldn’t dare have listened to as a kid knowing all the while you were right. There are soooo many things I need to talk to you about but I’ll hold on to them until we see each other again.

I Love and miss you!

Chi’s PenšŸ–Š

2 responses to “Hey Dad”

  1. You brought tears to my eyes, we all will be glad to see him againā¤

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    1. There was so much more I wanted to say


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