He wasn’t her Casanova(1)

She jumped out of her sleep, face soaking wet with tears. Every now and again she would have dreams that were so real, she would wake up and check her surroundings. Tonight, was one of those nights, he was standing next to her bed, watching her and up to his old tricks as usual. When she finally got herself together and was fully awake, she realized he wasn’t there, she was dreaming again. The dreams were coming more often, and she could only think it had to do with seeing him in person after all those years.

     They had run into each other a few months ago while she was on vacation visiting her sister. Normally when she goes to visit, she tries her best to stay in the house or go places she knows there would be no chance of her running into him. Today was different because her niece begged her to make a Walmart run. She was against it at first then “why not it has been years, what could he do to me after all this time, he cannot still be mad after all this time can he?” That is what she kept saying to herself before she finally gave in and agreed to go.  When they first got to the store, she was a little hesitant, but she didn’t want her niece to see her afraid, so she went in the store like nothing was wrong. Felicia almost forgot where she was because they were walking around the store laughing, playing, and making fun of people and not paying attention. As they were going to the checkout, she thought she heard her name and she got tense in her shoulders. She tried not to pay it any attention, but Brianna said, “did somebody just call you?” “Nope come on let’s pay for this stuff and get out of here. You want to go get something to eat before we go back to the house?”

She heard him again but still tried to ignore him, but he was getting louder, and he was getting closer. Brianna said, “auntie isn’t that Robert?” “Turn around and act like you don’t see him, I want him to just go away.” He wasn’t going away, and he wasn’t going to stop calling her name until she acknowledged him standing there. Robert hadn’t changed at all. He had gotten older and put on a little weight, but he was still the same. With him standing so close to her, she started sweating and could feel herself getting sick. She wanted to get out of there and away from him as fast as she could, but it was as if she was frozen in place. Brianna tapped her on the shoulder, “auntie are you ok?” Felicia heard her niece’s voice, but she couldn’t move and although she was looking right at Robert, she was hoping he would say what he had to say and just walk away and leave her alone. Deep down she knew it wasn’t going to be that easy, because whatever he could do to scare her, he was not going to stop until it was done.

3 responses to “He wasn’t her Casanova(1)”

  1. Amazing story and writer! Excuse me now, I must get on to part 2. 👍

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  2. Norma Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Carpenter

    You left me in suspense 😯are you developing a storyline for a book in the future?

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    1. Just what I wanted to hear. 😁


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