He wasn’t her Casanova(2)

When they met!!

Felicia hadn’t been living in her apartment very long when she first saw Robert next door at his sister’s house. She had her front door and windows open to let the summer breeze come through. She heard someone talking loudly and laughing and when she looked up, there he was looking right into her apartment like he was there to visit her. They spoke and she went on about her business, slowly making her way to the door and closing it so he wouldn’t be staring at her. There was always someone visiting next door and most of the time the noise got carried away and the police were called. Didn’t seem like there was ever a night when they got together someone didn’t end up in a fight with all the drinking and smoking.

Felicia was outside with the kids when Robert walked up and officially introduced himself. “Hey how you doing, my name is Robert.” “Hi Robert, my name is Felicia, nice to meet you.” He asked her if it was ok if he sat down, she said yes and they started talking. After about an hour his sister opened her door and was surprised to see him sitting there. “Boy, I have been waiting on you, I thought you were coming to take me to the store.” “Oh sorry, I was just getting to know your lovely neighbor.” “Well, I need to get to the store so I can feed these kids before it gets too late, you can talk to her when we get back.” “I gotta go, let me take her to the store and I will see you next time I come over to visit.” “Ok, I ‘ll see you later, have a good night.” When he walked away with his sister, Felicia couldn’t help but smile. She thought he was handsome, and he looked like he was pretty solid underneath that shirt. “Wonder what it looks like under there?” She caught herself staring as he walked away then noticed he had turned around and was looking at her with a big smile on his face.

5 responses to “He wasn’t her Casanova(2)”

  1. Robert is a #smoothoperator and Felicia knows it. I can relate to this all too well.🤪 I agree with Norma that you keep us guessing. I’m not rushing you, but keep bringing it. 😄🤣 Hurry up! 🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Brenda Carpenter Avatar
    Brenda Carpenter

    Is this a different book you have started?
    Love it Lil sis.
    Keep going okay.❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Nope it is the same one


  3. Loved sis. Like always !!!


  4. Norma Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Carpenter

    Can’t wait to read more😉

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