He wasn’t her Casanova(3)

Robert and Felicia were beginning to spend more and more time with each other, and Felicia would even sit out on the porch with his sister Lisa and have a glass of wine some nights hoping she would say something about her brother. After a few weeks, their conversations started going in a different direction. Lisa would talk about how good of a father her brother was, but also there could be times he had a bad temper but that was something he was working on. Did this sound like a line Robert told his sister to feed Felicia, probably so but she didn’t pay it any attention because she hadn’t seen the bad temper and was having a hard time believing he could be mean to anyone.

She was beginning to feel like a teenager again with all the smiles and laughter she was experiencing. They were always going on some outing to some beach or the movies and even out to dinner. The kids seemed to be cool with him and when his kids came around it was like a cool family. Felicia can’t remember the moment Robert moved in, but it seemed like it happened in the blink of an eye. One minute he was spending a few nights over here and there and leaving a few items then the few nights turned into more nights. He started being picked up for work from her house and dropped off at night after work. Each night he came over she had dinner ready and after the kids were put to bed they would sit and watch tv until one of them fell asleep on the couch.

All her friends had school age kids, so Felicia decided she was going to have a cookout at her apartment for her friends and their kids. After the rally everybody would come down to her place and finish the party with food and drinks. This was the very first time Felicia saw that temper of Robert’s his sister was talking about. They were outside eating and drinking when suddenly here he comes yelling and snatching her by her arm. “What is wrong with you?” Felicia said as she snatched her arm away from him. He got really close to her ear and said, “who the hell you think you are trying to embarrass me in front of all these people.” “What are you talking about, I am out here having fun with my friends, and you walk up here acting crazy, what the hell is wrong with you?” As she walked away from him to go back over to her friends, she could hear him say, “I am not to be played with.” She looked at him and kept walking and tried to act like nothing happened.

4 responses to “He wasn’t her Casanova(3)”

  1. So he violent? 😳 Oh My!

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  2. Norma Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Carpenter

    I agree with you and Brenda, want more too!!!

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  3. Brenda Carpenter Avatar
    Brenda Carpenter

    Now his sister was trying to drop her a nugget.
    Felicia,nose was open already and therefore she never heard the warning his sister was trying to hand her.
    More please!!!🥰

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    1. She wasnt listening or listening and not hearing


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