Still time to close out strong.

The other day I just happened to be scrolling through social media and came across a person I had never heard of or didn’t remember who they were. The thought came to me “who is this person and how did they get here?” The next thought was, it doesn’t even matter, their importance to my life must be very minimal. Right after that I went through my friends list and removed 35 whole people. People who I have had no interaction with, or they haven’t shown any activity in sometime. While going through my list I noticed there were people whose accounts were inactive. Well, if you are inactive, why am I holding on to you? Some had created new pages and I was friends with those as well, then there were people on my friends list just because we shared mutual friends. Just because we share mutual friends does not mean we have to be friends, and they were removed as well.

Listen, what’s the point in carrying heavy stuff into the new year with you that is serving you no purpose? Remove those things from your life that are taking up space and make room for the people, places, and things that are going to add value to what you are about to do next, and you are about to do something.

You have a couple more days left in this year. Go ahead and free up that space.

Happy New Year!

Chi’s Pen

One response to “Still time to close out strong.”

  1. Yes let’s leave any extra behind us, I
    I have ton of extra things right by the door awaiting for the door to open for the new yr.

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