Getting uncomfortable with comfort.

We do it every time, start the year yelling new year new me. What does that even really mean? Are you really going to be a new you this year or are you going to give it a good try the first few months of the year then go back to your same you of last year?

Last year was something different for me. I had people pouring into me and encouraging me like never before. I’ve been the one pouring in and encouraging others, so when it was given to me it felt uncomfortable. You know what I learned, you have got to get uncomfortable. When you get comfortable you get stuck. You don’t move, you have all these ideas and plans but do nothing to make them happen.

Those ideas and plans are not going to do themselves. Be uncomfortable and get to work. You cannot let the encouragement and push from others who see your greatness fall to the ground and do nothing. Get to work and keep working until you and your vision come to pass.

Chi’s Pen 🖊

One response to “Getting uncomfortable with comfort.”

  1. Norma+Carpenter Avatar

    This is good, I had to read it 2x to really get what you are saying👍
    Thank you for your challenges❤

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