Happy Birthday

Chi’s Pen is celebrating her birthday🎂. Writing a blog was one desire I’d had for as long as I can remember. It is almost on the same level as me wanting to work at JCPenney when I was growing up. I thought that store was the greatest store in the world. Looking through those catalogs every year and writing out my Christmas list. That was some good times to me, not to mention back to school shopping. Ok, sorry back to my blog, but that should give you an idea of how long I wanted to start blogging and how exciting words have been to me. I can’t pinpoint when the first seed of writing was planted or how the idea of writing came to be, but my cousin says I used to write all the time. She came to visit one year for the summer and she said that was something I did while she was here. That is a memory that escapes me but I am sure it is not far from true. I believe I had an imagination that was very active but I just didn’t know how to express it and writing was my only outlet.

When I finally decided to “jump out the tree,” as a friend of mind says when describing a determined young lady who hesitates to do nothing. I thought about that description many days before finally deciding to go ahead and start, what could it hurt. Scary was an understatement, but what was I scared of. Starting something new is always going to be scary but you gotta start somewhere right, so I finally jumped.

When I started all I knew was I wanted to write my thoughts. I had good ideas, and good thoughts, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t thinking the same thing other people were thinking. If I felt this way on a topic, everyone else was probably feeling the same way. Oh please, girl don’t nobody care what you have to say. Not thinking about all the extra stuff that comes along with a blog. Things like SEO or being consistent, finding a niche and sticking with it, trying to build an audience and lastly hoping that others would find what you have to say interesting or and least give them something to think about.

Well here we are, one year later. I’ve made a few posts, some good, some not so good, and some that could use a little work but at lease I did it. I “jumped out the tree” into doing something I’ve always wanted to do. Here is to the future, learning and understanding, this is that thing they talk about when they say “do something you love and it won’t feel like work.”

Happy Birthday🎂🍾

Chi’s Pen🖊

3 responses to “Happy Birthday”

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    Norma carpenter

    I love reading your blogs, you have a way of expressing your thoughts that keep a person interested in what you are saying. I can see you one day authoring a book.❤

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    1. I am trying to get out of my own way to get that done.


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