Our own book of regrets

The Midnight Library-Matt Haig, is the book I just finished. I have a cousin whom I admire and I noticed he had a copy, then it was suggested by a co-worker and the way she was excited when talking about it, it peeked my interest. I try to refrain from reading the book reviews from other people before I read because I don’t want my thoughts to be tainted. Isn’t that crazy as I sit here and write something about it that could taint someone else’s view. HaHa that’s funny.

Trying to be good and keep my money in my pocket, I’ve been listening to audiobooks which work really good, especially if the book is interesting. Now with this book there were a few times in the beginning I almost gave up and checked it back into the library, but each time there would be something said that caught my attention. There were a lot of good nuggets throughout but the one that tapped me on my shoulder was “The book of regrets.”

I guess it would be helpful if I gave you a little backstory on the book, it’s not like you have it sitting on your coffee table. The main character Nora is just a complete mess, like any of us aren’t. So there is a point in the book where Nora has decided she is through with this life and she wants to end it. I think the finally straw for her was when she was given the news her cat died and was found in the street. I might be wrong, this may have been around the time I was ready to check out on this book. So she attempts to kill herself and ends up in a library. In this library it is always 12 midnight or something like that. Ok Ok you understand the point right. In this library she is able to pick a different life other than the one she is currently living or at this point trying not to live, and see how that life would work out better for her.

No on to my favorite part, the Book of Regrets, the facilitator of the Midnight Library is her former school librarian. She has all kinds of helpful knowledge she provides and all these thought provoking words and I believe there was a time or two their conversations got a little testy. Nora wanted the librarian to tell her what she would do or what she should pick. Nope not gone happen, you have to pick your own path(that’s for you).

So as the book was coming to its end and I was waiting for my lunch to come up I wrote a brief thought. How many regrets would I be able to write if given the opportunity. How far back would I go, would I even be honest with myself and list them all or would I sugarcoat my words? I took that thought further and asked would I consider them to be true regrets or actions I could alter. At this stage in life there are things in my past that I really regret doing and then there are things I would just completely do different. I haven’t done anything that would prohibit me from being President of these United States(like that is saying much), but you get the point. I wasn’t terrible at least I don’t think I was.

I think we all have a book of regrets within us and if given the chance to change somethings I’m pretty sure we would take it. As far as the book, Nora did make it back to her life and she was able to see things with a different lens and she made changes that gave her an outcome she was much happier with.

I hope your book of regrets isn’t holding you back from being your best you. Use those regrets to push you forward.

I hope this was an enjoyable read for you. Please like, comment what you thought and let’s talk about it, then share it with your friends. Until next time.

Chi’s Pen

4 responses to “Our own book of regrets”

  1. I liked that book! It gave me new perspective on how we don’t know what in our lives would be different (or the same!) if we made one different decision.

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    1. Yes it does make you think if just one thing was done differently what would life be like.


  2. Do I have any regrets? I’m going to really sit in that question. A few come to mind. I hear people say often, no regrets just lessons learned. Hmmm 🤔

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  3. Norma Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Carpenter

    I plan to check out this book, I look forward to reading it, thanks for the recommendation

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