Night of Activation

A couple weeks ago my cousin and I went to The Revolution Tour with Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. Before the event got deep, we got the chance to laugh, and sing and we did a little two step right quick, just enough to let our defenses down. Then out comes Pastor Sarah for an introduction and a little preliminary exercise to do before the work got real intense.

It was a beautiful moment. Not every person knew the person next to them. There were women who came to the event alone and felt no way about it. The sis in line in front of us was by herself. I asked her did she feel some type of way about coming alone and her response was a strong NOPE. I know that’s right Sis, I would have been coming alone had my cousin not reached out.

The exercise was to hold the hand of the sister next to you and let her know “I got you Sis.” We said some other things but I went blank, the next part was all I could remember with clear vision. We were to stand in silence and look each other in the eye. Just stand, no talking, just holding hands and really seeing each other. In that silence you could begin to hear the cries of pain, the cries of hurt, the cries of disappointment, cries of everything coming from all areas in the room. What I took the point of the exercise to be was to let each other know, we were not alone in that moment. We were in a safe space to let go, relax and welcome what was about to happen.

What was significant for me with the exercise was being vulnerable in having someone look into my eyes. I felt all my insecurities were being exposed, all of my doubts about myself were on display, and not one word had been spoken. I was holding hands with family, imagine if it was a complete stranger. I don’t believe the emotions would have been any different. In just that quick exercise, I felt my life was being displayed for someone to see without me having the control to keep parts hidden I wasn’t ready to be seen and I was out of comfort. In that same moment I was looking into the eyes of a sister who I had no idea what her feelings were. Was she feeling like her insecurities were on display, was she feeling exposed and vulnerable as well? Not knowing what she was feeling, I was able to hug her tight and say a silent prayer for whatever her need was to be met.

Now the bell has rung and the main event has started and true to Chi, I pulled up Samsung Notes and got to writing. You would have thought a test was going to be given at the end of the tour and if it was I was going to be ready. I took notes and when I started rocking in my chair I knew the note taking was a wrap so recording was up next.

Luke 8:43-48 was our text, with the message being to Activate what we know and what we have. The woman in the text had suffered with her issue for twelve years and no one was able to heal her and possibly even stopped trying. She knew in order to get what she needed she needed to get it herself. She activated her Faith and determined if she could get close enough in spite of all those people around to touch just the hem of his garment she would be healed.

This is my second Tour with SJR and I was not disappointed. If you’ve never seen her deliver a message in person you are missing out. She may be a tiny person but she delivers a powerful Word. Let me go gather these notes and get to work and activate what I know I can do.

As always, I hope you giggled a little and got a good read in the process. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I appreciate your visit.

Chi’s Pen

2 responses to “Night of Activation”

  1. Norma Louise Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Louise Carpenter

    Wow that sounds like a really powerful experience for your ladies. It is good for our sisters to come together and feel free to be able to share and love without feeling vulnerable. I am glad you were strengthened to “get to work”.

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  2. I know you enjoyed yourself sis .
    I love your skills with writing.
    It’s cool to read your writing.
    Thank you for sharing with me.
    Love you ❤️❤️🌹

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