Wine Tasting

So Friday I decided to take a well deserved day off from work. (chile I am tried, has anyone come up with a better work week plan?) While sitting here watching nothing on tv with my feet up my phone rings, “who is this calling me in the middle of the day knowing I’m at work?” My son “hey ma how’s your day” immediately my tone said cautiously “fine” while in my head saying “what you want?”

This dude says ” you wanna go wine tasting tomorrow?” I’ve noticed with me it is so much easier to give an excuse and say no, but why. Yes it’s people outside but we gotta go out there sometime right. While he was telling me about it I was telling myself, “what else do you have to do, nothing.” So yes sure let’s do this, it’s a date.

Off to wine tasting we went today. We also have some very interesting conversations when we hang out so it’s never a bad time. One thing that is funny is watching him use that GPS to figure out where he’s going and still gets lost or misses his exit. Maybe with gas being as high as it is I should probably help him out more huh?

It was a very nice time. The lady that was helping us was a good time. You could tell she did not play around when it came to business. My kind of customer service, straight to the point and we can laugh and joke later. Here is a picture of four(4) of my seven(7) picks. My sweet tooth was winning because these dry red and whites were not doing what they were supposed to be doing. As soon as she put a sweet one in front of me I drank it like cherry kool-aide with all the sugar and the bottom of the pitcher.

If you’ve never experienced a wine tasting, take some time and do it. There is not enough in these glasses to put you down but as always Drink Responsibly. I hope you enjoyed the read and got a little giggle in your spirit. Like, comment what you think and share with someone else.

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2 responses to “Wine Tasting”

  1. Norma Louise Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Louise Carpenter

    Glad you enjoyed this adventure with your son. A few years ago, me, your aunts Dee and Barbara went with a senior group on a train trip to a small town here in Missouri that has a winery, we had lunch and then went to the wine tasting. I didn’t like any of the wines they let us taste until we got to the sweet ones and I did buy one that I liked. It was a fun trip and a new experience. Glad I went.

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    1. Why would anyone want a dry tart drink🤷🏽‍♀️


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