This Little Girl

A few weeks ago I was going through some pictures and admiring how much my grandchildren look like their dad’s, when I came across this picture of myself. I’ve swiped by this picture many times but this swipe seemed to be a little different. It pulled on my heartstrings this time and I saw something I don’t think I’ve seen before or at least been willing to acknowledge.

Picture day; the day everyone is in their best outfits so this memory can be captured not for the kids but for the parents. All for them to be able to pull those pictures out at the family party and reminisce on when their baby was a baby. Now think about this, they sent us to school all dressed up but we never took the pictures until the end of the day. After we have played on the playground, had gym and who knows what else. The icing on the cake has to be the photographer getting the job and being told “you are not responsible for making sure the kids look decent, JUST SNAP THE PICTURE.” There is not one elementary school picture that I can say I looked decent in. They had us sit down, snap the picture and move on to the next kid. School photographer’s are mean.😒

Let’s talk about this picture, WHAT WAS MY MOMMA THINKING?? I want to say with confidence she didn’t send me to school with my hair looking a mess buuuuttttt as I look at it, I’m not really sure. What was supposed to be holding these ponytails together? There is not a ribbon or bow on either one, now was I playing that hard? I also had a terrible habit of licking my lips, especially in the winter, which caused me to get a dark ring around my lips and if not kept moisturized with that medicated Vaseline, (you remember the one in the brown container), it was not a good look. If you look closely at this picture you can see the ring and there is no Vaseline anywhere in site. Why these picture people do us kids like this? I need someone held accountable for these pictures they let us take. 😊

I know you really want me to talk about that gigantic scab sitting on the top of my forehead. Don’t act like you don’t see it, because I know you do. Me and a neighbor friend were playing and we tied our shoestrings together. We were supposed to walk side by side and then start running, you know like the potato sack race.

Well she decided she didn’t want to play anymore and pulled her foot back while we were running and I fell and got this big scar on my forehead. I ran home crying with my feelings in my hands, I was hurt. Not only was I scraped up but this was my first lesson in fake friendship. There wasn’t anything that could be done except wait on it to heal but those school pictures were going to be taken no matter what.

When I look at this picture of this little girl I not only see the outside scars, I know of her scars on the inside. I want her to know, she will be ok. It may not have always looked like things would work out but they will and they did. It wasn’t always easy but nothing ever is. She has made it to be a beautiful woman with a beautiful family in spite of. I miss this little girl ❤️ but I am glad she made it.

Have you taken a look at your younger self and seen something you’ve never seen before. Think about what you would say to the younger you. I sure they would love to hear it. I know I did.

Leave me a like and comment. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Chi’s Pen🖋️

5 responses to “This Little Girl”

  1. Reading this made me reflect on my younger self. I got teary-eyed reading this. Thinking of being younger, pictures have a way of bringing soo many things to our remembrance and causes us to reflect on how far we’ve come. Thank you for this. Grateful for you.


  2. Norma Louise Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Louise Carpenter

    Hey sweetheart, I always wondered how you got that scar on your head:)
    I just love reading your blogs, they are so insightful. You are such an amazing your woman.

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    1. One of the many fun times in my childhood🤣


  3. Sis, you know I have a picture that I look at a lot myself.
    And reading this, it made me wonder why it is I stare at it a lot.
    Maybe I will go back and see what it is she wants to tell me about myself.
    At that age I know I had things going on I didn’t understand & need to know to help me to continue to grow stronger. Thank you baby sister 🌹
    I love you more than you know.❤️❤️

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    1. I keep looking in her eyes wondering if she could have ever imagined all the things she’s gone through. Go sit with you picture and ask her if there is anything she would want to tell you now.


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