A vacation full of laughs.

On a positive note, I took a trip to Alabama to celebrate the union of my son and his new bride. The event was really nice, I was able to love on my son which I don’t get to do often, as he is so far away, as well as see my grand-girl cut up because she wants to be the center of attention. Nothing wrong with that, she should be. I was able to see my sister-in-love whom I haven’t seen in a few years. They are always going to be my in-loves, in spite of marital status. Family came in from Georgia and the best was my sister took a flight from KC and hung out with me. That adventure should be a blog in itself. She had me in tears with her antics and it was a good time.

We started our adventure by meeting in Atlanta, at the airport of all places, that place is like its own city . My sister hasn’t flown a lot and because they airport is so big, I told her to have a seat when her plane landed and I would come meet her at her gate. We were only arriving like twenty minutes or so apart. My smart self thinking we both were flying Delta so our gates couldn’t be to far apart right. A BIG FAT WRONG! I was in concourse A while my sister was all the way in concourse F. I know someone reading this has been to Atlanta Jackson-Hartsfield airport, you know to gone from one restroom to the other it seems like you have to take the train. So anyway I get on the train to get to concourse F so we can go back to baggage claim. People were everywhere, it’s already wall to wall people but there was a conference that weekend which made it tighter than normal.

Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

So we’ve collected ourselves and our bags and off to pick up our rental. The train announcer clearly says “this train is about to take off, please hold on.” Chile why this lady didn’t hold on and straight to the ground she fell. It was almost like slow motion, she fell and bounced back up like nothing happened. Ok what really happened was her family pulled her up and gathered around her to make sure she was ok but just the fall itself was something. No we did not laugh, well at least not in that moment. We did wait until we were telling the story to other people.

We got the worse rental possible. Is there a saying “just because it look good on the outside don’t mean it is good on the inside?” Listen, when I tell you we got the worse, ok maybe not the worse but it was pretty bad. EVERY SINGLE bump the entire car would shake. When we took the car back I told the attendant, she wrote it needed to go to the shop but I am pretty sure it was just rented to the next person. I can actually guarantee it!

Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

Into the sunset we rode. I can’t say like Thelma and Louise because they drove off a cliff and of course we didn’t do anything illegal. You would have thought we were two twenty year old’s on a road trip the way we were flying down that road but in reality we were two good and grown chicks needing to pull over and stretch those knees after being in the car for so long 🤣🤣. Just like grown folks do, as soon as we got to the hotel, I climbed in that bed and took me a good ole nap.

Stay tuned for the next blog and I’ll tell you about the sites we took in. As always, I hope this put a giggle in your spirit. Like and leave me a comment. Leave me message on topics you would like for me to blog about. Until next time. You know it’s my bedtime.

Chi’s Pen🖋️

2 responses to “A vacation full of laughs.”

  1. Norma Louise Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Louise Carpenter

    Well when can you take a trip without some sort of hiccups
    Can’t wait to hear the rest:)


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