Year End Reflections

Is your life today what you pictured a year ago?

It’s that time of year again when people start to think about all those goals they set for themselves to start the year off. Everyone is reflecting on what they wrote, what they accomplished and which goals were missed, and why, myself included.

Tonight I sat at my desk and glanced over a page in my book dated 12/24/21. It was titled “things to accomplish for the coming year, 2022.” I was able to check off a few items but there were a some that still needed my attention. As I looked over the list and the goals I had not tackled, I asked myself what was the reason I hadn’t gotten to them? Some I couldn’t put an answer to and others I noticed I’d just pushed further down the list and never looked at them again.

As I sit here making my list for the new year, those same goals I pushed further down the list in 2022 are now at the top of my list for 2023.

I hope you all have reviewed your goal list and updated it to allow you to reach your full potential in the coming year.

Write it out so you can see it and do it. Happy Holiday .

Chi’s Pen🖋️

7 responses to “Year End Reflections”

  1. Great reminder and encouragement! Thanks!

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  2. I was able to meet several of my 2022 goals, including a promotion and reading 20 books. 😳 I was inspired by Chi when she shared her 20+ books goal. 😁

    In the past, I have set and achieved goals out of fear/healthy competition. For example, I think about how/why my loved ones have died. I also think about how I could develop some of the same conditions due to the lack of discipline and commitment to myself. I realize that not every condition is selfinflicted I have the “woulda, shoulda, coulda”, syndrome. I want to be better in achieving my health goals.🫤

    I will change it up for 2023 by creating a few smart goals to increase my chances of being successful. I desire to drink 64 ounces of water, exercise, and to eat healthier on a daily basis. The smart goals will help me build up to this over a short window of time to create a track record of consistency. In the past, I pushed myself to be 100% changed overnight. I failed because even Rome was not built in a day. 🙂

    While the fear factors drive me, I will continue to have some fun-filled goals sprinkled in my everyday endeavors. 😁 LOL I can be intense sometimes. 🤣 I can’t believe that I’ve shared all of this out loud! I’m thankful for coming out of my shell.

    I wish everyone the best of whatever you desire in 2023!

    P.S. – Thanks for the blog, Chi. 😁🤗 It started as a goal of yours. #goalmet

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    1. Yes goal met😁 yet right before I hit publish that “fear factor” kicks in. It is in those moments I just PRESS THE BUTTON!

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      1. Yes!!! #justdoit


  3. Love it six❤️🌹

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  4. I got on it right away👍

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