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You ever wonder what was happening in the world the year you were born? I did a quick Google search of my year and let me tell you it was pretty busy. January was the best month of course because that was the month I was born. Who else was born in January 1971 you ask, well we have Taye Diggs, Mary J. Blige, Regina King, Shawn Wayans, Quest Love and my favorite of course Anthony Hamilton.

Now in 1971 nothing really mattered to me because I was a little something and didn’t have a care in the world. As I’ve gotten older I realize there were some important things going on in the world during that time. Some of those things may have been discussed during History class but yeah I wasn’t listening then either.

Here are just a few things I learned were happening in 1971. Richard Nixon was the President of These United States. My first thoughts of a President was Ronald Regan, I was to young to know anything about Nixon. Professional boxer Sonny Liston was found dead in his Las Vegas home. The State of Ohio agrees to pay $675,000.00 to relatives of Kent State victims. (this is an entire topic in itself). Starbucks opened its first store March 1971 in Seattle, WA, Walt Disney opened October 1st in Florida and Marvin Gaye released his single “What’s going on” which was about police brutality. Amazing almost 52 years later and we are still asking the same question with no answers available.

Take a look at the cover picture and see how much things have changed. The price to purchase a home then versus now and look at how much a gallon of gas was. I’m pretty sure we will never get back to where we were as well as hoping we don’t go to much further. Our pockets can’t take it. 😒

Take a moment and see what was happening the year you were born. I’m pretty sure it would amaze you. As always, please like the post, leave a comment, and share with a friend.

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  1. Norma Louise Carpenter Avatar
    Norma Louise Carpenter

    Well little lady, being 75 means I witnessed and was a part of the things going on in 1971 and the years leading up to 71. I am going to look up my birth year to see what was happening in 1947. Enjoyed reading this.

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    1. We would love to have you come back and share what you found.

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      1. Norma Louise Carpenter Avatar
        Norma Louise Carpenter

        You asked me to share the things I learned from my birth year and I also looked up your dad’s which was 1935
        The Hoover Dam was completed. Pres. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act for the elderly. Amelia Earhart flies solo across the Pacific. The 1st Mickey Mouse color movie short was released. The 1st public housing was in New York and the 1st Orange Bowl was played. New house was $3450; yearly wage was $1600; monthly rent was $22; gas was 10 cents, bread 8 cents; pound of ground beef 11
        cents; new car was $625.00. Woody Allen, Sonny Bono, Dalai Lama and Elvis Presley was born.

        My year 1947
        Airplane breaks the speed barrier; transistor radio was invented; broad spectrum antibiotic was made; Jackie Robinson 1st African-American ball player for a major league team; the new look for women was a long full skirt; GI bill for veterans; 1st drive-in movie; Hillary Clinton, David Bowie, Elton John were born; bread was 13 cents; house $6600; yearly income $2850; gas 15 cents; new car $1300, stamps 3 cents.


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      2. This is amazing. These prices are crazy

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  2. Interesting stuff! Oh to have those prices now, with the income now…I would be on top of the world.

    You’re right. 52 years later and we’re still singing Marvin Gaye’s song..smh

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  3. Here you have another great blog. I learned some new things and wondered how you came up with the topic. 😁 I agree that we are not going back to any of the $ amounts on the page above. 😳🫤
    It’s interesting that I was picking up coffee from Starbucks today and wondered where and when they had opened their first store. The things we think about.
    Keep on writing, Chi! ❤️

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