Starting the New Year-In The ER!

How’d you spend your first day of the New Year? Did you do anything exciting or was it just a day of relaxation? Let me tell you how I spent my day. Besides sleeping right through ringing in the New Year the day was pretty good. I went to the first Sunday service of the year, had communion and back home I came. Here I was minding my business and trying to do something to better myself in the New Year and craziness ensued.

Guess where I am writing this from. THE DANG ON EMERGENCY ROOM. I done messed around and spent my first night of the new year on the sick and shut in list. What happened you ask? I sure would like to know myself. One minute I’m sitting at my computer desk and the next I’m coming to on the floor. I don’t think I was out for a long time but just being out and not knowing I was or how I got there was the scary part. The doctor says I was probably out for a few seconds. The only thing I can remember when I came to was wondering why my face was hurting, where this blood was coming from and where was I. It’s safe to say my glasses hit my face when I hit the floor because I have a lovely bruised eye to carry around and my glasses are a broken mess.

No worries, I’ve got a few doctor’s appointments scheduled for the coming weeks so some answers shall be had. This will not be an indicator of how my year will be. I’ve got stuff to do this year. Take care of yourselves, no one else will. Make you a priority like you do everything else.

Chi’s Pen 🖊

8 responses to “Starting the New Year-In The ER!”

  1. Holy moly that’s scary! I hope you’re alright. What a way to start the year. Hopefully it will only get better from here! My new year’s was uneventful. Thankfully 😅

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    1. I sure hope that is the most excitement I get this year. That was enough to carry me through the end of the year..

      Uneventful can be good at time. Here’s to you having a great year.

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  2. Wow! I’m sure it’s been an adjustment. Praying and believing God for complete healing!

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  3. Omg, that’s awful. I hope you’re feeling better now. I wonder what happened to you so suddenly.

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    1. I am doing better but I can’t wait for these docs to tell me something.

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      1. Let me know what the doctor says.

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  4. You’re gonna be okay, God’s got you and everyone is sending up prayers for you. Once you find out what is going on you will take the steps necessary for your health and if you need help with something don’t be afraid to ask, we all love you and are there for you.

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  5. Feel better darling. I also slept through the New Year and watched television all day and night. Lol


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