Quiet beauty after the storm❄️❄️

Thursday morning and look how bright it is. The sun is peeking through the clouds giving us a glimpse of all its beauty. It was 7am and I was going out to walk the dog before work and as I step down the stairs I looked out the window and noticed how beautiful it was outside. I took a number of pictures but something about my cover picture did it for me. Do you see how the snow is hanging on the trees and how the porch light from the church across the street makes that a picture for a postcard?

The snow started Wednesday around 10am and lasted all day. As I worked from home I was able to sit and look out the window as the snow came faster and the flakes got bigger. Finally about 8pm it stopped and it seemed like everything was frozen. Before bed I took my last look out the window and snapped this picture of the path to the back of my complex. Look how the light is casting onto the trees. It was quiet, like the city had shut down and everyone was still if just for a minute.

Here are a few more pictures that got me through the day.

I hope you can see the beauty as I did. Leave me a like, comment and share.

Chi’s Pen🖋️

3 responses to “Quiet beauty after the storm❄️❄️”

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Kena! I’m so grateful to have met you in the writing workshop. 🙂


  2. Oh how these pictures make me miss home. The beauty of the snow is breathtaking. As a postcard collector, I agree that the first pic deserves a place in my archives.
    Thanks for capturing these moments in time. 😁❤️

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    1. Pretty to look at as always but not so much to be in❄

      Liked by 1 person

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