February News Recap

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Bundle Up

Baby It’s Still Cold Outside

February…can you believe it, the last day of the 2nd month 2023. Well we are and it has come and gone just like that. Growing up in the North we looked forward to “Groundhog Day,” not the movie but the event. The day that little groundhog hopefully never saw his shadow, but he always did because no matter what they said, winter always dragged on for another six weeks no matter what.

This winter feels like Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow and took a few lapses around the states heading north, south, east and west because he has caused havoc everywhere. Bringing ice storms to the Midwest, snow in the West, and storms in the South. No worries it’s coming to an end SO HOLD ON!!

In February we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Candy was eaten, flowers were blooming, and balloons were flying. If you didn’t get anything, don’t worry about it, go out and buy all those things for yourself. Love on you, no one else can do it better.

Black History Month
Does your History interest you?

Black History Fun Facts

  • Black History Month began as Negro history week, created in 1926 by Carter Woodson.
  • Claudette Colvin was arrested for not giving up her bus seat to a white person nine months prior to the arrest of Rosa Parks.
  • Hiram Rhodes Revels was the first African American ever elected to the U. S. Senate, representing the State of Mississippi, 1870-1871.


Black Inventors you may or may not know

  • Alexander Miles invented the automatic elevator doors in 1887 after his daughter nearly fell down an elevator shaft.
  • Mark Dean, co-invented the Color IBM PC Monitor and Gigahertz chip.
  • James E. West, co-invented Electret microphone in 1964. Soon to be used in hearing aids, tape recorders, telephones, and baby monitors.


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